Management mentoring for HR professionals

Managers and supervisors need good people skills

Whether yours is a large business or an SME we can provide management mentoring and training to help you, your managers and supervisors to get the best out of your employees and create a positive, productive workplace culture.

In-house training or one-on-one management mentoring, our programs are individually tailored to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

WRS offers a wealth of knowledge for your manager to access via a planned or ad hoc approach. Our management mentoring program offers the following benefits:

– individualised attention from a mentor who has a great deal of knowledge, experience and success;

– direct information and experiences from a mentor which builds a degree of confidence through guidance, assistance and support;

– tailored developmental activities that allow your manager the ability to take risks, display skills/competencies and reinforce self-confidence in a “controlled” set of circumstances;

– mentors who can show how to translate what has been learned into the real life workspace.

Best of all, mentoring assists your managers to learn while they are doing.

Having experienced many years of workplace incidents there few workplace issues that our mentors have not experienced first-hand, enabling us to give sound advice to young Human Resource professional who will benefit from our experience. Providing a safety net, managers can learn without fear of failure, building competence and confidence in making their own decisions.

Management Mentoring is a cost-effective and efficient tool for the ongoing development of an organisation’s management team. Nothing happens overnight and that is why we aim to develop long-term relationships to ensure managers and supervisors continually improve their people skills.

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  • In House training

    – Understanding Awards and Legislation

    – Performance Improvement and Unfair Dismissals

    – Rights and Responsibilities of Employers and Employees

  • Mentoring

    – HR and IR managers

    – Employers

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